Christopher hates writing in the third person but, for whatever reason, it’s the thing to do in an ‘about’ section.

Christopher has been writing stories ever since he can remember, be they in his native tongue (Spanish) or eventually in English. He would create fantastical tales as a kid only to bore his grandmother to sleep with them. Now, as an adult, he plans on boring the entire human population to sleep!

(*disclaimer*) he really doesn’t. He just doesn’t know how to say nice things about himself. (*disclaimer*)

Christopher plans on one day being paid enough money to create characters and stories that are bound to paper and shelved around the globe.

On this website you can find a collection of his short stories that have failed to find a home elsewhere. Sometimes you’ll find that a story doesn’t fit where you’ve pitched it. But here there are no parameters to stick within. Every story means a lot to this writer. You can get a flavour for his style ahead of bigger projects by consuming a few pieces of short and flash fiction here.

If you hate his fiction – which he sincerely hopes you do not – you can scroll over to the ‘on cinema’ tab and find his musings on film. It’s a big passion of his. He likes moving images!

He thanks you all for reading this and hopes that you get a kick out of his stories and opinions on the world of film.

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